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The Hamid Ansari Saga

By PN Team Posted on Aug, 16 2017

Hamid Ansari , the largely quiet , non-controversial , suave ex diplomat created quite a ruckus with his last interview where he stated that "there is a feeling of unease and a sense of insecurity among the Muslims in the country". Needless to say, the liberal sena of media started a chain reaction citing his words as the kick of al dominos of media write ups that would follow. It sparked a fire that has taken longer than expected to be extinguished. This definitely is not the first time that a politician has spoken about Muslim and minority oppression and tried to fuel the fire which is kept alive by the Lutyen’s Media. So what really caused the surprise factor?


The fact that Mr. Ansari, a rather reticent, reserved politician made such comments, is what surprised me to the core.

Mr. Ansari has a reputation to be so non-controversial and reserved that he probably was one of the lesser known vice presidents.  He comes from impeccable lineage. Grandson of former president of Indian National Congress, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari, who also founded Jamia Milia Islamic. A highborn , educated in Surgery in India and England who later become immersed in India’s freedom struggle and chose to side with Mahatma Gandhi when the fractions with the Muslim League and Mohd. Jinnah came up. He and his wife worked tirelessly for the upliftment of Muslim women all their life.

Mohd. Hamid Ansari, grandson of Dr. Mukhtar Ansari, also chose the political path of his family by joining the Indian Foreign Service and serving as a diplomat for close to 40 years. After which he served as VC of Aligarh Muslim University and served as chairman of National commission for Minorities. A recipient of Padma Shree, he is a highly respected diplomat/politician who was never in news for anything apart from his duties, which largely involved receiving dignitaries and foreign tours. He also served as chairman of Raja Sabha, which I only found out after a google search. So low was his visibility among politicians that most had never heard his voice. So what propelled a calm, non-controversial ex diplomat to make such a fiery statement in his last interview? Are Muslims and minorities really that unsafe in today’s India?  

For any intelligent person, it can be simply concluded that he may have spoken the words but they definitely have been drafted/forced by Sonia Gandhi, who is leading the charge, behind the curtains in bringing Modi Govt. down. Maintaining an eerie silence herself, she has been tactfully instructing all the people she commands (which is the entire congress members) and the media on her payrolls, to keep the intolerance, minority oppression fire burning to cause embarrassment and disturbance to Modi govt. who seem clearly in charge and control of India at the moment. Apart from the Muslim/minority oppression, there seems to be no Achilles’ heel that Modi Govt. seems to have, albeit not a major one.

The attacks have been vigorous ever since “Protect the Cow/Ban cow slaughter “initiative of BJP led government came about. Laws on cow protection led to overenthusiastic vigilante groups taking up on themselves and arms to not only protect illegal cow slaughter , beef possession and sale , they have in many cases beaten up and killed those found guilty. An aftermath which I would say was not unexpected, given the high religious fervor associated with cows and the long pending slaughter law. Ever law as expected is misused by the extreme fringes and the outlaws , many times who are paid by the opposition to cause unrest , causing embarrassment and anarchy which would be fueled in every way to cause the govt. to have a bad image , dividing people  and eventually affecting polls. A standard protocol all over the world. A strategy which has mostly worked so far. In every state where beef/cow slaughter and illegal sale has been banned, there have been cases of such cow vigilante related violence and deaths of Muslims) any why not be opportunistic and extend the same to minorities, i.e. Dalits).

This has been the single point agenda of Congress ever since they lost power , the most important strategy against BJP and they have left no stone unturned to be as vocal about it as possible , may times putting a put in the mouth via fake news , incorrect facts and forced Muslima and Dalit oppression . Making even non-controversial Md. Ansari to spew venom about rising security threat and oppression for Muslims, Christians and minorities screams nothing but desperation from Congress to attack at every given opportunity. The interview as expected made headline s, more so in the congress backed media channels and prints. A few days and many vocal chords were spent in discussing the same. It will keep simmering till some other incident or person comes and fans the same agenda. Till then let’s ignore the progress India is making, and wait to see what next Congress has up their sleeve.


Written By: Anubha Sinha

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