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Modi Govt paying Rs 1100 cr extra per Rafale jet: Rahul

By PN Team Posted on Mar, 16 2018

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday alleged Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Centre is paying Rs 1100 crore extra per Rafale jet.


Citing Rafale manufacturer Dassault's 2016 annual report, Gandhi said that the Narendra Modi government is purchasing per Rafale jet at the rate of Rs. 1670 crore while the Congress-led Manmohan Singh (MMS) government had finalised the deal at the rate of Rs. 570 crore per Rafale jet.


Gandhi said that Rafael manufacturer Dassault has busted lie of Raksha Mantri (Defence Minister) by releasing prices paid per Rafale plane in its 2016 annual report.



"Dassault called RM's lie and released prices paid per RAFALE plane in report: Qatar = 1319 Cr, MODI = 1670 Cr, MMS = 570 Cr. 1100 Cr per plane or 36,000 Cr i.e 10 % of our Defence budget, in the pocket. Meanwhile, our Army begs our Govt. for money," Gandhi tweeted.