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“Bihar: the Unpredictable Case”

By PN Team Posted on Jul, 27 2017

The rift in the Bihar alliance has gone deep down pulling the two parts apart after the resignation of the CM Nitish Kumar


Explaining the act as an answer to his internal conscience , Kumar’s resignation seems to be a turning point in the course of political history of Bihar. PM Modi welcoming this decision of Nitish Kumar is openly giving a hint about the cooking of something fishy in the ‘BJP Khema’. 

The hustle dates  back some days ago, when the Deputy CM of Bihar, Tejasvi Yadav  was accused of corruption in the “Land-for-hotel” case. CBI held Tejasvi accused for allegedly accepting bribes for misallocation of IRCTC hotels while his father Lalu Prasad was the Railway Minister in the UPA. Putting forth his statement in the defence, Tejasvi  accused  BJP for tarnishing his and his family’s name by playing cheap political thrills. 

 Following this, there was huge reactions from the opposition along with voices being raised from within the alliance. However, between these rising fumes, Nitish Kumar chose silence over the issue. But when the situation seemed to slip out of control, Kumar asked Tejasvi to act according to the will of the members of the alliance. Majority among the ‘gathbandhan’ wanted Tejasvi to give up his position. Kumar did never ask Tejasvi to resign directly but his statement that ‘his government won’t tolerate any corruption in the institution’ did more or less direct to its real indications. 

Nitish Kumar’s put his words into action on 26 July when he himself resigned from the post of CM. With this sudden action from his side, the political world is baffled as well as interested in the upcoming twist that might befall in the course of #BihariPolitics. Well, concluding from the incidents that have followed this ruffled time period in Bihar, the prediction that Nitish Kumar is planning to form alliance with NDA had  gained stronger possibility. And the immediate tweets from the BJPians left no space for any confusion.  

Ditching the option of by elections, Nitish opted to form the government in Bihar alliancing with BJP and Sushil Modi as the new Deputy CM of Bihar on 27 July. This proves to a major win for NDA which had faced a brutal turndown in the 2015 Bihar Elections due to the formation of RJD-JD(U) alliance. 

In response to this, RJD chief Lalu Yadav has condemned this action of Nitish as betrayal and accused him with several other allegations. Supporters of Lalu Yadav have taken positions as well and a full fledged drama is yet to be experienced in the upcoming days. In the meanwhile, it will also be interesting to observe the next steps of NDA to prepare themselves of the upcoming events and the direction of their of alliance with JD(U). Bihar is going to witness a battle unique in its own. Nothing can be predicted at this stage but the only thing that we can be assured is that the real game of politics has begun and will show its colors at every stage leaving every individual with a surprising shock and experience during the course of time. Coz’ its “Bihar: the Unpredictable Case”.

Written By: Ankita Tiwari


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